Summer of Code



ShareCode is the Online Judge and the Social Network for the people who love algorithms, programming and challenges! Taskmaster: ShareCode Team Users can practice algorithms using hundreds of problems that already exist on ShareCode or they can attend contests that ShareCode hosts. Users can choose their programming language and compiler among C, C++, Java, Pascal, Python and Php. During the UT Summer of Code, a group of interested students are going to develop more awesome features for the ShareCode platform such as forum, user groups, code sharing, training course, size contests, etc. There are also some core tasks for example: improving judging core, working on SEO, refactoring the source code for better performance etc. Also some non-functional tasks exists that needed to be done for instance finding problem sets around the world and adding to the ShareCode archive for practice.



PHP , Node.js , ACM Online Judge , Coding Social Network , Training Course